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Article on Allow Feelings

It is important to allow feelings. Let's face it, we are having them all of the time. They are always there, sometimes subtle and at other times quite noticeable. We are full of feelings and emotions. These are the energies that holds us together. We are bound in matter by what matters. Our bodies are our matter-- what matters to us. We are a complex collection of energetic processes organized together in form. This is what our bodies are.

Our feelings are what matters to us, beginning with that which is universal to the human body-- what we have in common with all creatures of our kind. Beyond these essential human processes, we experience personal preference-- distinct to ourselves alone. These more personal feelings are what account for our great diversity. We respond personally, attracted to this and repelled by that-- our personal destiny, if you will. We follow our heart by allowing our feelings.

How do we allow feelings? We get out of their way. Feelings are their, and yet sometimes it is uncomfortable to express them, due to shyness, judgements, or any number of reasons. Feelings make us vulnerable. We think about it first, and hold them in. Understand that our feeling nature is deeper than our thinking nature. In fact, our thinking nature is not an organic process at all. It occurs out of fear. Our feeling nature is essential to our health. Our feeling nature is how we navigate through life. We "feel" our way around.

Our bodies are patterns of energy. That is all they are. There is nothing ultimately solid there. Matter is energy, and our bodies are no different-- simply energy following patterns. Every organ in the human body is an energetic process. We are organ-ized. This organization extends beyond us. We interact energetically with all that is around us. We are not as separate as our skin would have us believe. We are constantly exchanging energy-- both absorbing and expressing.

We balance ourselves energetically when we allow our feelings. We feel hunger and so we eat. This and other processes have sensations around them. We feel the need to do this and that, and so we follow these impulses. Our more subtle and more personal feelings are no different (in that they are there to direct us). Call it intution. Call it "being drawn" to something-- people, situations, circumstances. These are feelings. We are attracted for a reason. The spirit is moving us.

Meditation is a great way to tap into our feelings. In the rush of our day-to-day existence we can be insensitive to our own feelings. We lose our way for no reason other than being distracted by obligation, responsibility, routine and habits. It is important to back up every once in a while to get a bigger and consequently clearer picture of what is going on in our lives. Meditation allows us to be still and arrive at this bigger picture organically.

Meditation brings the picture to us, if we are still. The unresolved will surface and make itself known. Take the time to sit still and let energy remind you of what feels good and what doesn't. If we allow feelings they will show us the way. We are more fulfilled when we are in sync with our natural attraction. Our health depends upon it. We feel less like robots, bereft of what makes us feel integrated and whole. Allow feelings. Allow self.

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