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Interview with Catherine Avizinis


This is great. What is the most that we can expect from a successful meditation experience?


When using the Calya System or any type of meditation the least we can expect is to find an oasis; a safe, comforting place where we can feel at peace; a retreat from the spinning world. But I think the most we can expect is to reach that special place within; the place where body, soul, and spirit connect. I feel it is where we access the deep inner self, the unconscious mind which is connected to the Source or the Collective Consciousness.

From here we can speak to spirits, guides, angels and fey. Here we can say that we have access to the Wisdom that will serve us well. Once we have identified the blocks or energy pattern distortions, it doesn't mean we want to give up those patterns and traits. We just know what we need to do– should do... A successful meditation brings actual physiological changes into our body chemistry to change how we react, self-protect or hide.

We then are not only able to see the next step on our JOURNEY but are then willing and able to want to take it with honor. So then, the most we can expect from a successful meditation is to find clarity; to be able to think for our self and actually figure out, through the deepness of our meditation how to get what we want without harming another. Thanks for such good questions.


I cannot help noticing how you put the words "to want" in bold. I think about how clarity arises, and inspiration (energy) comes from this clarity. What do you feel that the difference is between guidance and attraction? In addition, what means do we have for recognizing "good" guidance or true wisdom? Are we ultimately navigating by how these visions feel to us?


The chemical changes help us to make real inner changes. We can then want to make the change exterior, want to– but we still have FREE WILL! We can make any choices that seem good to us at the time. The hope in Spiritual Journey-Work is that we learn to want the highest good for one and all; including ourselves. We gain understanding of how this merging works– good for me– good for you– good for all concerned– by trial and error and of course by someone else telling us... but thinking for our self is always the most indelible lesson.

Learning the difference between guidance and attraction takes place when we are not in a crisis. Every child knows that the things that hurt my feelings will be a hurt to someone else, too. (Do unto others can also be do not do unto others what you do not want done to you) We know it in our own hearts and souls. But Free Will allows us to make any choices that seem good to us at the time.

We are always our own Guide– we want to think for ourselves and not look outside but inside– meditation. There always needs to be a standard to which we hold ourselves... the code of love, the old code the Harm None– So if one accesses the unconscious mind in meditation and really is 'attracted' to the idea of blasting an annoying co-worker, or unfaithful lover, but in the meditation gets GRAY as a color message, then that means hold back, rest, do nothing... because the color code says that is what that means.

Now, if they got Burgundy– confront. If the color was Indigo, tell on them... The messages are clear– the meanings, clear. Empowerment– available. Magick– afoot!!!! Choice– free! Free will trumps all! One is not Wise because of what he has learned or memorized or knows... one is wise because of what he does.

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