Doreen On Tm, 3

Interview with Doreen on TM


As the chosen subject of this meditation interview is Transcendental Meditation, I want to ask you if you can remember anything more about this, the mantra, or any other pertinent experiences around the initial introduction. It sounds as if TM kick-started your entire experience with inner life.


Now, what comes to me as the key elements of this initial TM experience are 3-fold. No expectations. A combination of mystery and "so-called science" A memorable and lasting experience within a group setting.... energy, peace...and even though I did not realize it... I had an inherent "ability" to reach this peaceful state quite easily.

My mind told me that I didn't have this because I could not maintain the discipline I believed (at that time) was required.... for "whatever?"... I really think, I was "tagging along" with my friend....initially! LOL! (of course we'd known about the Beatles in India... what year was that?).

What has come to me to say regarding your last question is this: It feels hugely complex in a non-mind way, a mysterious and miraculous way, in a sense. This is what I know: The mind wants only to judge and mute the most 'spiritual' experiences in our lives that come most naturally. (It is ALL spiritual!!) In a sense, we can only move toward pleasure, not pain. This has not been understood in very deep way, by the mind. I am not speaking of pleasure in a light way here.

I am saying that our true nature is to feel deeply satisfied... to feel the Full-ness of Life Itself... that we always have, this fullness, we just don't know it...and thus the egoic mind has been unaware of what lies deep withIn Us All.

So, in saying that... I realize that over the course of my life I began, at some point, or through certain experiences to trust "my" intuition... the truth being... I did not "need" to sit in meditation twice a day, on a schedule... for any purpose! I always felt "unintelligent" in contrast to the friends that I had. I never felt any satisfaction, knowing that I wasn't intelligent, enough! (even though, I "had the school grades," etc.)... .... until meeting the Universal Intelligence...'face to face'....aHA!!!


I think this works as a natural conclusion this interview. I'd like to invite comments from those who can speak more on the current state of Transcendental Meditation, and if the method has grown or changed in any significant ways over the course of time. Thank you so much Doreen for sharing your experiences with TM.


Thank You.... I real-ly love this process.

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