Guided Or Unguided Meditation, 1

Article on Guided or Unguided Meditation

Recovering Wonder in Meditation

There is a wide range of folks out there meditating, from beginners who are just starting out to those who have been doing it for years. Meditating is all about getting in touch with one’s inner deeper and most natural self. This natural self does not accumulate knowledge nor does it retain frames of reference or ideas. Meditation is about recovering wonder.

This is the whole point. One cannot approach each moment anew without cleaning the slate of the mind. Those folks who have been meditating for years might just have well started meditating today. I stated above that “meditating is about recovering wonder” and for me this is what is most important. Everybody is different. You may just want to get a break from your otherwise hectic day.

Guided Meditation or Unguided Meditation

The difference between guided and unguided meditation is pretty obvious. In the first case one is guided by some form of information that is either recorded or known by the one meditating. In the second case there is no real directive. One simply meditates freely. We might even consider music a form of guidance. Music is powerful and can draw us in to its mood.

Music is wonderful. It helps us to relax or get fired up– all depending on the style. Guided meditation might be a good place to start for beginners as it has a shape to it that can be followed. There is a strong sense of accomplishment with guided meditation as there is an obvious beginning and end. There is no confusion about the goal. We complete the meditation and feel the results. These are very good reasons to start with and perhaps even continue to use guided meditation. The benefits are clear. We feel relaxed and more deeply grounded. It is rejuvenating and restores health.

Guided by Mother Nature

I use the term “unguided” meditation to distinguish it from “guided” meditation. Unguided meditation has its own form of guidance. Unguided meditation is not as easily done. One has to strip away all motive to do unguided meditation. Even then it is guided but not by ourselves. Unguided meditation is guided by and organic and raw nature. There is a special purity to it.

Human beings will never emulate nature. It is impossible. It is far too complex and integrated. The wisdom of nature cannot be surpassed. Our bodies are a beautiful example of its incredible wisdom. Our very sustenance and lives as individual creatures is due to Mother Nature. Meditating freely allows nature to do its best work whether it is healing or simply moving us further along our path.

Watching for Obstacles

In unguided meditation we simply sit. I say sit but I suppose one could walk or do anything for that matter. The point here is that there is no point. There is plenty of paradox present in unguided meditation. It is not a simple task to let go of motive. After all we are sitting in meditation for the purpose of meditating. These obstacles can be overcome with practice.

Here are a few pitfalls to watch out for— It is much easier to fall asleep while doing unguided meditation. There is no shame in this but know that it is not the same as meditation. Zoning out and losing track of yourself is the same– not a big deal but not to be confused with meditation. Meditation is about remaining alert and aware.

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