Learning Meditation, 2

Article on Learning Meditation

Just Beginning to Meditate

The place to start is with just managing to sit still for a half an hour. A half an hour is a long time to evade the traffic of the mind, ever telling you to do something different. It sounds easy. We find so many ways to distract ourselves from potential silence– music, television, radio– the list goes on. Actually sitting still will bring up all the things that you have been evading, avoiding, denying.

One of the problems with meditation is that it challenges to see it all for yourself up close and personally, which ultimately leads to great personal growth and development. You can reinvent yourself utterly, see life anew and with excitement and wonder. You must only pay the price of admission, which is to witness all that you have stuffed down, one episode at a time.

Beginning to Still Thoughts

I personally have let go of SO much that was haunting me, holding me back, torturing me. There are nightmares of thought-trains ready to send you into habitual spirals of “what is wrong with you” and all the rest– internalized voices from the ogres from your past. Imagine being free of this. I have been meditating for thirty years and just the other day I unearthed a memory with my Father on his deathbed– a memory that was just lying there in my subconscious– absolutely effecting my day to day.

Just that extra bit of tension driven by something that happened years ago– life I had not fully live, could not live in the moment it happened– wasn’t really there for and aching inside me– hoping for the chance to be felt in its entirety and released. It is gone now. My meditation is free to go even deeper.

Meditation is Healing

Once again, if you are just beginning, or tried once and got discouraged or fed up from sitting still, my advice is to try again and again. The return is immeasurable. Chronic illnesses can utterly disappear. There is an increase in the ability to breathe deeply. There is a restfulness that follows your throughout the day.

The more you do it, the more you take with you as you move into all the different areas of your life. One feels a stronger presence of mind and not as much of a short fuse in terms or reacting to others and all of their stuff. The freedom that comes is the freedom to remain grounded and centered in the face of what once sent you reeling. This makes life easier on you and on others. Be good to yourself.

Meditation Techniques
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